Personal Injury Attorney Serving Metairie, LA

A personal injury can be hard to recover from, especially if you aren’t financially able to provide for yourself as you heal. However, with compensation, you can then have the funds you need as you recuperate in the hospital or at home, go to therapy, or take medication. If you need help seeking compensation in Metairie, LA, turn to the Wenck Firm to speak to a personal injury lawyer today.

What Can the Wenck Firm Help With?

As personal injuries are all that the Wenck Firm deals with, we are able to focus on a few specific practice areas. For example, many of our clients come to us after a bad auto accident. We also can help with medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, truck accidents, or slip and fall accidents.

Whether you want to speak with a commercial vehicle accident, medical malpractice, or car accident attorney, we are here for you.

Why Choose the Wenck Firm?

The Wenck Firm thrives on personal attention to each and every case. When you need to reach attorney Colby Wenck, he answers his own calls and meets with clients face to face. Additionally, Colby Wenck is available to email or text if preferred.

When you need a personal injury attorney who cares, get in touch with Colby Wenck at the Wenck Firm for a free consultation.